Kindred Spirits

Our Favourite Haunts

At Home in Cavendish:

Lover's Lane
Lover's Lane at Green Gables:

To meander along this little trail, to stare down into the trickling brook, to peek under the tall ferns, to look for Lady Slipper flowers, or to just sit and listen to nothing is one of our favorite pastimes. It is beautiful in the morning, noon and night and is so close to our house-Kindred Spirits. (Our son, when a little guy of 9 and 10 years, used to spend every day with his neighbour buddy on Lover's Lane under the little bridges, playing their favourite game-"Scare the Tourist".)

Trail to the Beach:

This laneway, called Hamie's Lane, is a beautiful jaunt of about 15 minutes from Kindred Spirits. Because it is so beautiful and there is so much to look at such as baby goslings in the Lake of Shining Waters, trees strewn around and chewed by beavers, wildflowers along the side, one can take forever to get to the ocean. But...once you see the deep blue of the Gulf and the inviting dunes, you speed up very quickly.

Across Prince Edward Island:

Basin Head:

Rte 16, east of Souris-approximately 1 hour 45 mins. from Kindred Spirits.

Many times, our family has walked these Singing Sands, played ball with the dog, toured the museum, and just marveled at the outstanding beauty.

Victoria By the Sea:

Just off Rte 1 on the south shore-approximately 30 minutes from Kindred Spirits.

We love to go to this little coastal village, walk the little shaded streets, eat chocolate, check out the antiques, and then meander down to the wharf for lobster rolls. The smell of the salt of the sea and the creosote of the wharf conjure up all kinds of feelings of being people who love the sea.

Cape Tryon Lighthouse & Rte 20 on the north shore:

Approximately 15 minutes from Kindred Spirits.

This drive to the lighthouse and along the north shore never fails to cause a quickening of spirit. When our children were little ones and still now as grown-ups, this is where we go to walk when we want and need to be tightly bonded as family.

Mill River:

On the Lady Slipper Drive near Alberton-about 1 hour 30 mins. from Kindred Spirits.

This beautiful inlet of the Sea and the surrounding farms are very special because this is where Grandfather's House and all of the roots of memories live.